February 18, 2023

brand new miró desayuno

by Marina Hagen

It is funny how coincidences happen in life.

After five years, we decided to rethink the miró desayuno we serve at weekends. A fresh offering and a greater focus on sustainability were two key objectives. And that’s when Elena knocked on our door to help us. One thing led to another and instead of just developing a food concept for us, Elena offered to come on board full time. A decision we clearly don’t regret.

In the last 4 weeks, our shop manager Meli and Elena have not only turned our menu upside down, but also our production room. For the better. The result is a brand new miró desayuno – seasonal, simple and responsible.

Launching this weekend!

If you’re not on the slopes, you know where to be this Saturday or Sunday. No reservations. Just drop in. And don’t forget to tell us how you like it!

Can’t wait to know whats on the list? See the full menu here.

A few years ago Elena decided to follow her passion. Starting in various plant-based restaurants in Zurich helped her build her foundation and knowledge.

Hungry for more, Elena decided to embark on a new adventure, completing various internships across Europe in some of the world’s best restaurants.

We’re delighted that her travels eventually led her to miró in January this year.

„There is some kind of magic behind every dish that lets you connect to the people
by playing with the aesthetics and the taste transporting them to a place or a moment in their lives.
I just love that about food and taste
– the endless opportunities to influence and being a storyteller.“