February 3, 2023

hand drawn cups for miró

by Daniel Sanchez

There are many ways how a cup of coffee should be served. In our eyes, ceramic is the most satisfying way to drink any coffee. The creation of this beautiful unique cup is designed by Reto Schneller
and turned and baked by Gloria Carrillo.

We met Reto in our café at Brauerstrasse many years back. An industrial designer with a big heart for coffee. Naturally, at some point talks about developing a miró coffee cup started and one thing led to the other.
Barcelona he calls home for now. And that’s where he met Gloria from Pols Ceramic during another project.

Gloria loves to work with clay and produces beautiful pieces for restaurants all over the world. For us, it is an honour that Gloria and Reto decided to put our vision to life. They are true artists in their fields and the result of the cup overwhelms us with joy.

This is a limited edition series, 64 cups were produced, available for sale 20 pieces at Brauerstrasse.

Design: Reto Schneller, retoschneller.com
Production: Gloria Carrillo, polsceramic.com

Made in Spain. Natural White Clay, Hand-turned, Cobalt Bath, Transparent Glaze.