February 21, 2023

How to recycle miró coffee bags

by Marina Hagen

Did you know that our coffee bags are made from a mono-structure and are therefore recyclable? 

Two years ago we challenged the status quo of our coffee bags. We felt that compostable packaging solutions were not yet ready for the mass market, so we decided to use a mono-plastic.

What is a mono-plastic?

In mono-plastics, the layers of materials are all made of the same material – in the case of our coffee bags, this is polyethylene (PE).

This means that the bag, the coating, zipper and valve are all made of 100% PE. The bags can therefore be recycled together with other PE monostructures and used for new production.

The paper label that we apply on the coffee bag is washed off during the process and can therefore be disregarded.

Where and how can I recycle the coffee bags?

Thee options that we think are an easy go-to. There are other suppliers who take back plastic waste and other materials.

at miró

You can return your used coffee bags at any of our locations (Brauer, HB, Truck) and we will recycle them for you.

at Migros

Alternatively, you can pick up a plastic collection bag from Migros, collect all your plastic waste at home and return it to your Migros. A bag costs between CHF 0.9 and 2.50 depending on the size (17l, 35l, 60l)

Information on the distribution network and participating stores can be found here.

at Mr. Green

Do you know Mr. Green? You can choose between the Greenbag – which collects up to 14 recyclable materials (incl. batteries etc.) – or the Pink Bag for plastics. The latter costs CHF 2 per bag and can be handed in at various locations, or even registered for collection at your home.

Perhaps you would like to nudge your neighbours in the stairwell – together it is sometimes a little easier.

Recycling and the associated CO2 emissions caused by a product throughout its life cycle is an incredibly big issue. We strive to make sustainable decisions in our various areas of activity and to regularly question our actions. In the case of coffee bags, we are confident that there will be better alternatives in the future and we are actively evaluating them.