miró coffee for your project?

Hell Yes! Are you opening a café, restaurant or bar and need help choosing the right coffee, equipment and support on workflow design? We’re happy to share knowledge and tips, making sure your customers and employees get the most out of those beans.

As we value each and every customer, client and project for their individuality, we do not define general prices for wholesale coffee or consulting fees.

Just drop us a note or give us a call and we’re happy to find the ideal solution for your business or idea.

“Our roastery & training space offers a great atmosphere for a deep dive into the world of coffee. We’d love to help your team reach an expert level: be it simple espresso basics, creative latte art, or even sensory training.”


Daniel Sanchez

miró has been providing us with freshly roasted coffee beans every week for almost three years now.

What we value most in this partnership is the outstanding service and the quality product. The attentiveness, friendliness, and punctuality of the miró staff is always spot on.

Rochdi Kacem
Senior Café Supervisor
The Monocle Shop & Café Zurich

Working together with miró has been a pleasure from day one. Their know-how is impressive. They are solution-oriented and super responsive. You can always rely on miró.

Silvana Spillmann & Nadine Ledermann
Apotheke Zurich