Your event – our coffee

With our coffee truck and coffee station, and a large range of equipment, we can set up an espresso & brew bar for you anytime and anywhere. We cater events from 10–1000 people.


Our legendary coffee truck is super flexible: all it needs to shine is a flat surface to stand on and a power supply.

2 baristi serve approx. 750–800 coffee drinks in 8 hours

5×3.5×2.4 meters (LxWxH)

380V, 16A; plug type CEE16

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Even if you can only give us a small space, our coffee station is sure to fit: allowing us to serve you espresso and filtered brews without compromising on quality.

The station works as a stand-alone solution, or as an additional point of coffee besides the coffee truck.

1 barista serves approx. 300–350 coffee drinks in 8 hour

minimum 2x2m

230V; plug type J
2nd machine: 380V, 16A; plug type CEE16

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Events at miró

Our spacious café in downtown Zurich serves as a perfect setting for a range of events: from exhibitions over readings or concerts to b-day drinks or a BBQ on our terrace.


Capacity Seated/Standing
40 people/80 people

Food & Beverage
Coffee Drinks & Cocktails, softs & spirits will be included in the rent. For the culinary part, we team up with local suppliers from our neigbhourhood.

Event Character
The location can be rented until 11pm. Bigger parties and DJ’s are not possible as we are located in a residential building

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Coffee courses & team events

You want to know what role goats played in the discovery of coffee? You want to learn how to make coffee like a true barista, give latte art a try or roast and cup your own beans?

We’d love to introduce you to the world of specialty coffee. Team events can be held in our roastery as well as at any location of your choice.