San Vicente

Tangerine, Red Grapes, Sugar Cane

San Vicente comes with a bright and fresh acidity of a tangerine balanced out by interminable sweetness of mature red grapes. Even in the aftertaste we’ll have a prolonged sweetnes of sugar cane which gives us a warm and velvety mouthfeel.

Producer  OCCICAFE Cooperative
Farm  Smallholders
Origin  Huila, San Vicente
Altitude  1000-1950 masl
Varietal  Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
Process  Washed
Roasted for  Espresso

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San Vicente

About the Farm

This coffee is produced by smallholders who are members of OCCICAF,  a cooperative from San Vicente municipality, 10 km away from La Plata, Huila.

The Huila region is naturally blessed with a superb geography, extremely suitable for coffee growing, but the key to theexcellent quality of the coffee is the farmers themselves. Coffee is mostly grown on small farms, with around 80% of growers farming less than 3 hectares.

These small coffee fields are taken care of by the families themselves, and only very rarely they use contracted labour. This encourages careful harvesting practices and great pride in the final product, which becomes almost as the part of thefamily.

OCCICAFE has focused on improving its practices and quality steps since 2015. Coffee farmers from this region delivertheir coffee to the OCCICAFE lab where each lot is classified as commercial, regional, regional plus or micro lot. Coffeesthat meet the regional plus standard need to cup above 85 and moisture content must be between 10-11%. Coffees are sun-dried.