Cassis, Lemon, Dates

In the tradition of exceptional Kenyan coffees, our new bean offers a captivating experience. With notes of cassis, plum, lemon, dried fruits, and dates, it delivers a rich aroma. Indulge in the velvety mouthfeel and revel in the dark chocolate flavors. The sweetness, akin to a black fruit compote, elevates each sip. This Kenyan gem is a celebration of the country’s renowned coffee profile, promising a journey through its diverse and complex flavors. Immerse yourself in the essence of Kenyan perfection with every extraordinary cup.


Producer Othaya Farmers Cooperative
Region  Nyeri
Variety  SL 28 & 34, Ruiru 11
Process  Fully Washed
Roast Profile  Light
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Your beans are vacuum-sealed and shipped in our subscription packaging. It is fully recyclable, reduces waste and best of all: only CHF 1.85 shipping, which is included in the total price already.

Whole beans only. All coffee bags are shipped separately for packaging purposes.
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About the process and the farm

Fully ripe cherries are hand picked from the trees by the farm owners, family members and causal workers. The cherriesare delivered to Ndiaini Coffee factory where they are hand sorted to remove immatures, insect damaged and unripecherries. The cherries are then weighed. The weight is recorded per grower to assist the society during the final cherrypayment.

Pulping is carried out Soaking in fermentation tanks for 24 hours. Clean moving water is the used to washed the pulpedcherries. The cherries are then sundried on raised beds for 14-21 days to reduce the moisture to 10-12%. The driedparchment coffee is then hand sorted a second time and stored in airing bins. When the quantities are sufficient, theparchment is delivered to the dry mill for milling, grading and bagging.