Brew Guide AeroPress

A unique coffeemaker which not only stands out for its practicability, but also for the quality of coffee you can achieve. AeroPress was invented by Allen Adler, a former Stanford engineering instructor, and was first produced in 2004. Since then this object of desire had an immense success all over the world, it reached the peak of its popularity when installing a championship for coffee aficionados, where over 60 countries are competing for the ‘golden AeroPress’ by creating a tasteful recipe.

Please fasten your seat belt and fly high with AeroPress!

– AeroPress
– AeroPress Micro-Filter Paper
– 14g Coffee Beans
– Grinder – electric or manual
– Water, ideally filtered
– Kettle
– Scale
– Server or Mug

Inverted with Blooming Phase

14g coffee; 220ml water, 2.5min extraction time

1. Choose your coffee. Weight and grind 14g
2. Place the AeroPress upside down on your scale
3. Put coffee and pour a first 40ml of water, wait 30 sec (Blooming)
4. Pour another 180ml and let it rest for a minute
5. Place lid with moistened filter paper inserted
6. Turn upside down on your server or mug
7. Press down slowly until all the water is pressed through the coffee grounds

Step 1
Choosing your Coffee

Choose your coffee and weight 14g of it.

For our brew we chose Jairo, Colombia. This bean will blow up your tasting buds, especially when brewed with AeroPress. The aromas of freshly picked raspberries or a bite in a lemon wedge will be increased due to the higher contact time and pressure compared to a V60 brew.

Step 2
Prepare the AeroPress

Insert the plunger into the AeroPress chamber and place it onto the scale. We’re doing our AeroPress with the inverted technique.

Step 3
Moist the filter

Put the paper filter into the lid and rinse it with boiled water. by moisturizing the filter, you’re preparing a fluent flow through the lid and on the other hand you get rid of any unpleasant substances you find in filter materials called lingnin.

Step 4
Grind your coffee

Grind 14g of coffee on a grind size between V60 and French Press (grainy, sandy) and fill the coffee into the Aeropress.

The chosen brewing ratio (water:coffee) and gind size indicates what we’re aiming for. We’re convinced that AeroPress can achieve a great cup of coffee but you’ll never get an espresso out of it. So we consciously decided to brew a coffee that reminds us of a filter coffee (Pour over, V60, etc.).

Step 5
1st pour / Blooming

Pour 40ml of boiled water (94°C) into the AeroPess and wet the entire coffee bed (you can take a wood spoon to stir). Wait for 30 seconds. (=blooming phase)

The water temperature should reach 92 – 96°C to dissolve coffee respectively aromas in an appropriate way. At miró we roast our coffee very light to contain as much fruitiness and sweetness as possible. Due to this we are able to go higher on the brewing temperature which further enables us to dissolve as many aromas as possible.

Step 6
2nd pour / Draw-down

Add another 180ml of boied water until you reach 220ml and let it rest for another minute.

This step actually makes the AeroPress so extraordinary and different to other brew types because we have got something in between a percolation and an infusion.

In the first part there’s an infusion taking place between ground coffee and water while in the following step (step 9) the brew is pressed through the coffee bed and is being filtered. 

Step 7
Close the lid

Two minutes after you first added water, screw the cap with the filter. Ensure the paper filter is moistened and in the correct position. Close the cap properly.

Step 8
Turn the AeroPress

Invert the AeroPress onto your server or cup. Don’t be afraid of leaking or spilling while turning the AeroPress upside down. It should be sealed enough if you followed the previous steps correctly.

Step 9
Filtering / Press

Press down the plunger carefully and try to reach an extraction of 30 seconds.

You’ll need a bit of pressure but try to press the plunger carefully and in a constant rate till the whole brew is through the coffee ground.


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