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Your friend, mom or dad is a coffee nerd? The Espresso Subscription is the gift for them!
When ordering the subscription as a gift we can send you a voucher to gift it yourself or else, send the subscription to your friend with a note.
Let us know your preferred option in the comments box – as well as the address of your friend in case we shall send a first edition directly.
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In the choice of coffee for our espresso subscription we look for sweetness and body, paired with coffee varieties that are chocolate and caramel-forward tastes.
We usually change coffee every six to eight months. This subscription is suited for coffee lovers, that want to keep a constant in their coffee drinking.

Every sending contains 330g full beans.


Current coffee:

Las Hortensias

Farm Finca Las Hortensias
Producer  Washing Station Cafetos de Segovia
Origin Dipilto, Nicaragua
Altitude of the farms  1250 - 1400 masl
Arabica Varietal  Red Catuai
Process Fully Washed and sun-dried
Roast profile medium
Suited for All types of Espresso Brewing

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Gift Espresso Subscription

Las Hortensias in the Espresso Subscription

Las Hortensias pleases with delicate jasmine notes and comes with a nice acidity reminding of gooseberries and lime. It has a well balanced, smooth body.

Nueva Segovia borders Honduras to the north and is located within Nicaragua’s Central Highlands. Rugged mountainsreaching 1800 masl alternate with deep. valleys and create numerous microclimates. While the western slopes are dry and protected from the moist winds of the Caribean Sea, the eastern slopes are one of the wettest place in the world. The proximity of Pico Mogotón, an inactive volcano at the border to Honduras, and the Dipilto-Jalapa Mountain Range ensures soil fertility.

Nueva Segovia does not account for much in Nicaragua’s coffee production in terms of volume. But the area has built a strong reputation in producing the best coffee in the country: year in and year out, coffee from Nueva Segovia stands out in every Cup of Excellence competition.

Cafetos de Segovia was founded by Ana and Martha Albir, two sisters who took over their father’s farm – Finca Las Hortensias – in 2014. Producing coffee in a sustainable is crucial to them. They have upgrated their milling facilities toreduce their water and energy consumption, and do not hesitate to advocate the respect of the enviroment to other coffeepartners. Their coffee trees- Maracaturra, Marselleza, Red Catuai and Catimor – grow under native shade trees like Guaba, Bucaro, or Banana. The shade tree technique also provide the soil necessary nutrients and improves ist water-absorption.