Gift Espresso Subscription

Spoil your bestie!

Your friend, mom or dad is a coffee nerd? The Espresso Subscription is the gift for them!
When ordering the subscription as a gift we can send you a voucher to gift it yourself or else, send the subscription to your friend with a note.
Let us know your preferred option in the comments box – as well as the address of your friend in case we shall send a first edition directly.
Got more questions? Our FAQ answers it all!

In the choice of coffee for our espresso subscription we look for sweetness and body, paired with coffee varieties that are chocolate and caramel-forward tastes.
We usually change coffee every six to eight months. This subscription is suited for coffee lovers, that want to keep a constant in their coffee drinking.

Every sending contains 330g full beans.


Available subscriptions:

Gift Espresso Subscription

El Eden in the Espresso Subscription

For a long time, Peru was overlooked as a top specialty coffee producer. However, in recent years, coffee producers in the region have dedicated significant effort to improving their image and producing exceptional coffees. One standout example is El Eden, a unique coffee that undergoes closed-sack fermentation prior to depulping. This process results in a delightful blend of red berry acidity and caramel sweetness.