Don Wilson

Violets, Pineapple, Black Berries

A new coffee from our Colombian direct-trade series. Don Wilson brings forth an enchanting experience, featuring floral undertones evoking violets and a delightful sweetness that transports you to a tropical beach. This coffee boasts a lingering aftertaste with distinct hints of blackberries while maintaining a delicate, almost tea-like body.

Producer  Wilson Ordoñez
Origin  San Agustin, Huila
Arabica Variety  Pink Bourbon
Process  Washed
Roast Profile  Light
Suited for  all kinds of filter

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Don Wilson

About the farm

Don Wilson Ordoñez is the dedicated steward of Finca La Aldea, a picturesque coffee estate nestled in the serene landscapes of San Agustin, Huila, Colombia. Perched at an impressive elevation of approximately 1,850 meters above sealevel, this sprawling estate encompasses a total of 15 hectares.

Within this verdant expanse, Wilson takes charge of 4 hectares, which are further divided into distinctcoffee plots. Currently, 2 of these hectares are actively engaged in coffee production, each telling a unique story. One hectare is dedicated to the cultivation of the illustrious Pink Bourbon coffee variety, renowned for its distinctive flavors.

In previous years, Finca La Aldea primarily yielded conventional coffee, but Wilson’s discerning eyeand passion for specialty coffee have propelled the farm into a realm of continuous experimentationand innovation. Year after year, he ardently strives to transform the entire farm, implementing novelprocesses and pushing the boundaries of coffee cultivation.

Wilson’s unwavering commitment and remarkable results, including securing the prestigious 4th Place in the Huila Magico Competition in 2020, have led to a change of heart. Today, they are united in a shared vision, actively planning the cultivation of an additional 5 hectares exclusively dedicated toexotic coffee varietals, such as the illustrious Geisha and the rare Laurina, promising even moreexciting flavors in the future.

When the cherries are brought to the wet mill, they undergo a methodical selection process, carefullyremoving immature and overripe beans. Subsequently, these cherries embark on an anaerobicfermentation journey within their cherry coats, with the duration ranging from 24 to 36 hours, a timeframe influenced by the prevailing weather conditions. Following this, the cherries are expertlyde-pulped and subjected to a second round of anaerobic fermentation, lasting between 72 to 96 hours, a timeline carefully adjusted according to the weather conditions. If the days are warmer, the hours arefewer; if cooler, more hours are allocated.

Upon completion of the meticulous fermentation process, the coffee undergoes a thorough washing. Following this, the beans are meticulously dried in a specialized greenhouse structure, a painstakingprocess that can span anywhere from 12 to 20 days, depending on the particularities of the climate.

This elaborate journey of coffee cultivation and processing, overseen by Don Wilson Ordoñez resultsin a truly exceptional coffee experience that invites you to savor Colombia’s unique terroir and theinnovative spirit of its coffee pioneers.