Colombian Shuffle

One origin, three processing methods, different farmers

Alfonso our head-roaster set out last year to find the best coffees in Colombia. On his 10-day origin trip, he met with multiple farmers all over Colombia – and of course, didn’t return with empty pockets!

We sourced three coffees with completely different processing methods. Why not give it a go and challenge your taste buds? It is a great way to explore the possibilities a coffee-producing country can offer. 

Info about the three coffees below.

Producers  Hernando Arcila, Oscar Ome, Lester Lerner
Origins Colombia
Processes Natural, Washed and Honey
Arabica Varietals  Castillo and Castillo y Papayo
Altitude of the farms  1600-2000 masl
Roast Profiles  light
Suited for  All kind of filter brews


Available sizes:


Colombian Shuffle

Hernando Arcila

The exotic one amongst the three of them. A real fruit bomb with a sweetness reminding of white chocolate! Further Info here

El Papayo

It’s specific fermentation with controlled temperatures gives this coffee a unique spicy taste reminding of cardamom and cinnamon. A special one! Further Info here

Doña Pilar

This cup of honey-processed 96h-lactic fermentation is well a balanced coffee with elegant acidity. Beware, tutty frutty. Further Info here