the miró story

Daniel and David are passionate about what they do, and watching them work with coffee and clients, you can see that they have an eye for details.

During his studies in Australia, Dani met Barista Ben and developed a new passion. One thing led to another, and after his return to Switzerland, Dani longed for Melbourne-style coffee.

A year later, he decided to buy a five-kilo Probat roaster and started to roast his own specialty coffee.

From day one, miró manufactura de café has uniquely sourced specialty coffee, half of which is from certified organic producers.

In 2013, he got his first wholesale client, and the opportunity soon arose for David to set up a coffee truck.

This is the precise moment when David joined the business. He ran the coffee truck and, put a face to miró (which was known back then as Campesino Coffee Roasters).

It didn’t take long for David to become a coffee nerd.
Originally, the truck was meant to be a drivable coffee lab in which they could screen roast profiles and test coffees with potential clients.

Meanwhile, the booking calendar filled up fast with events catered by a passionate team of 18 baristas.

miró imports extraordinary green coffee and strives to serve an outstanding cup of coffee.
Besides improving the living conditions of its coffee producers, miró always bears in mind that true change happens in small steps.

In May 2018, the café and roastery was relocated to Brauerstrasse 58. From Bederstrasse 85 to Butzenstrasse 60 to Brauerstrasse 58, this will be the third location in the company’s short history.

Dani and David are completely absorbed in their roles as specialty coffee ambassadors, are filled with pride, and have a great team supporting them.

But, and most importantly, they are thrilled to welcome guests to the coffee truck and to the Lukas-Hof, where they can share their ideas over excellent coffee that is adequately roasted and professionally prepared.