Hey. Good to see you!

We’re miró. A specialty coffee roastery born and based in Zurich. We’re happy you’re interested in what we do. Find out who we are, what we do and how we like to do things.

That’s us!

Founded in 2013, it all started with a 5 KG probat roaster in a small disused garage in the suburbs. Dedicated to high quality coffee we spend our time sourcing fully traceable green coffee from some of the best farmers in the world. 

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Our „Go“ in life is making your coffee exciting, simple, enjoyable and easy to brew.

We source our beans with the utmost focus on a sustainable production chain.
Most of our beans are organic and fairly traded, with many of them officially certified. We serve only seasonal coffee of the highest quality
that is freshly roasted every week.

Coffee on board

Santa Rosa , Honduras
Specifically roasted for SWISS – freshly brewed on board.

The Cooperativa Capucas Limitada represents twelve communities in San Pedro and Corquin in Santa Rosa de Copan.
They work to promote the sustainable development of their local economy. Reducing poverty and increasing standards of life are their main objectives and ongoing development programs have benefited approximately 5,000 people. The cooperative’s General Assembly, which manages the democratic use of the Fair Trade premium, is comprised of 10 members, nine of whom are women.


Share your coffee story with us! We’d love to see where miró coffee is enjoyed and to join the journey of our beans!
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Want to sip miró coffee all day every day?

We deliver freshly roasted specialty coffee straight to your office within Switzerland. With our re-usable coffee box system, you even spare some unnecessary waste. 

We are excited in finding the best bean and roast taste for your office together with you.


Improve your brewing skills with us

We’d love to introduce you and your team or friends to the world of specialty coffee. 

You’ll explore and play around with many variables to make that coffee taste great and fun to brew on top.

Get your head off work and your taste buds challenged.  A free bag of coffee from our selection for your home-brew is included of course.