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We gladly provide some pictures of our company and all the attached branches such as roastery, coffee shop, truck and take-away. Just click on the image to download a set of the chosen section.

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Launched in December 2021. The miró coffee subscription available for Filter and Espresso. Find all information here.

miró on board

Yes. First Specialty Coffee officially served above the clouds.
miró coffee is part of the new F&B concept “Saveurs SWISS” served on all SWISS Economy Short Distance Flights.


The heart of our business has been founded 2013 and has been relocated to our flagship store at Brauerstrasse 58 in 2018. We roast weekly. Being seated in our café you can observe and be part of the daily life of our roastery team.

Flagship Store & Café

Since 2018 we’re running our first Café & Store at Brauerstrasse 58 also known Lukashof. Also the roastery has been relocated to this spot.

miró central

In 2020 we’ve opened our Take-Away location at Zurich Mainstation. Just a stone-throw from the official Meeting Point. We will be up and running over the next 2.5 years until end March 2023 (expected).

All use of the work must be labelled with copyrights like so: 
© Mirjam Kluka;