April 5, 2023

re-opening miró central

by Marina Hagen

Yes, we’ve come to stay. miró central is moving from its pop-up in the Bahnhofshalle a few floors down to an excitingly small, beautifully, and cleverly designed location.

Click here if you’re lost at HB, looking for us.

© Geraldine Recker; geraldinerecker.com

After more than two years of pouring coffee at our temporary location at Zurich main station, we have become so accustomed to our surroundings that it’s hard to imagine saying goodbye. But we have exciting news to share – we have found a permanent home at the main station!

You can now find us two floors down in the “Bahnhofstrasse Passage,” near the exit to Bahnhofstrasse. We are thrilled to be able to call this new location home and look forward to welcoming you here.

With the new miró central, we have made specialty coffee possible in the tiniest space possible. The 12m2 space also meant another challenge for our architects Ringli & Stähelin.

The interior design was defined in the context of the surroundings instead of relying on pure corporate identity. We also focus on the interplay of aesthetic form and functional content. The design should be simple, robust, and efficient in use.

“For the design in Shopville, the focus should again be on a strong visual idea. Eliminating the separation of guest and customer creates a familiar atmosphere. Soft pastel shades and matt lacquered wood are juxtaposed with the hard metallic surfaces of the restaurant furniture in the choice of colours. A design that makes the shop readable as a continuation of an idea, but still as an independent design. The aim was to incorporate as much experience as possible from previous years into the 12m2 space to be able to offer customers a perfect coffee experience despite the small space.” – says Florian Ringli.

Quality and range are still our top priorities, and we continue to source our beans ethically. We offer all the coffee choices you could want – from traditional espressi and creamy cappuccinos to frothy lattes, bold americanos, and juicy batch brews. There’s something for everyone.

For those late-night journeys home, we offer a decaf option for all our coffees. And don’t forget to try one of our delicious croissants or pain-au-choc, and other treats for those with a sweet tooth. We can’t wait to see you at our new home at Zurich main station!

miró manufactura de café is part of Verein tribeka, Made in Zürich and CH-BIO-006 certified.

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Responsible for the architecture
Florian Ringli & Raphael Stähelin, Architektur
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