February 23, 2022

miró goes Gutsch

by Marina Hagen

We have to admit, we loved our plant-based milk alternative, the minor figures oat milk. But when Philipp from the Kaffeemacher:innen, our friends from Basel, told us about their project – to produce the first Swiss organic oat drink – we knew we had to have it!

Gutsch (ger. for gulg). A plant-based milk alternative without the mischief, as they say.
“They” are the eight cooperative members behind “Gutsch”. All baristas or working in the coffee world, they have come together with the aim of developing a local oat milk that is perfect for foaming cappuccinos.

10% organic oats l 3.3% organic sunflower oil l 1.2% red algae l 0.5% salt plus water from Schlieren and no chemical additives.

We simply love it and excited to see how Gutsch will continue to develop over time. We recently welcomed Philipp Schallberger (Kaffeemacher:innen) and Mathias Bühler (Adrianos Kaffeebrennerei) to our roastery to work together on the perfect recipe.

We use the Swiss oat drink in all our locations. You can also buy Gutsch at home – in our online shop or on site.