desayuno y bebidas

saturday and sunday at our shop at Brauerstrasse
from 9am until sold out. no reservations – drop-in only.
prices in swiss francs and incl. VAT

Summer special

Treat yourself with a glass of cava to your avo toast or soft scrambled.

mirómade lemonade
homemade sirup, ice-cubes & sparkling water – the best!
sirup changes seasonally – ask the barista for the current taste.

This Weekend’s Special

fig sensation
sourdough bread topped with fresh figs, caramelized nuts on a lemony rocket-ricotta bed


banana bread (v)



yogurt, granola, seasonal compote and fruit, coconut flakes and mint
vegan option with homemade almond milk +2

antonio’s tortilla

spanish potato and onion omelette with pan con tomate

soft scramble on toast

two eggs, with chives, radish, pickle and manchego on toasted sourdough

open-faced smoked salmon sandwich

sustainably grown and directly traded nordic salmon by
frisk fisk topped with mirómade labneh, dill, apple and capers

avocado and 64-degree egg

avocado with feta, tomato, dukkah, chili and a 64-degree egg on toasted sourdough (vegan option available)

ham and cheese croissant

toasted croissant filled with fruit compote, honey mustard, berchtold ham and stillsitzer steinsalz cheese
add runny scrambled eggs +5

cheese croissant

toasted croissant filled with red onion chutney honey mustard and stillsitzer steinsalz cheese
add runny scrambled eggs +5

For allergies and intolarances talk to our staff.
We’re happy to help finding a matching dish.



croissant 3.2
nut croissant 5
pain au choc 4.2

sweet treats

brownie 3.5
lemon cake by piet 5.5
cocos cake by carmen 5.5
cheesecake by piet 7
carrot cake by roots (v) 5
banana cake by roots (v) 5
choco-chip-cookies by roots (v) 4
powerball by roots (v) 4

coffee l tea l booze l lemonades l juice l chai l chocolate


espresso 4
doppio 5
americano 5
filter 6

espresso macchiato 4.5
capuccino 5
cortado 5
flat white 5.5
latte 5.5

iced americano 5.5
iced filter 6.6
iced flat white 6.5
iced latte 6.5
cold brew 0.2 l 5.5
cold brew tonic 0.2 l 6
espresso tonic 0.2 l 6
soy milk +0.5
oat milk +1


dried by länggass tee
wu lü 5
oolong 6
black tea georgia 6
lemon balm 6
verveine 5
maroccan mint 6

fresh ginger infusion 5.5
julies signature – ginger l green l lime l honey 6.5

mariela’s smoothie (v)

seasonal fruit that’s it


cup de cairons l cava
0.1 l 9

by joseph puig l white wine
0.1 l 7.5

bier paul 01
0.2 l 4
0.3 l 5

lemonades l juice

mirómade lemonade 6
locally produced limos
zobo orange 0.3 l 5.5
nycha kombucha ginger 0.3 l 6.5
nycha kombucha bergkräuter 0.3 l 6.5
yuzu lime 0.3 l 6.0
yuzu cocoa sirsak 0.3 l 6.0
sodark 0.3 l 5.5
mineral 0.3 l 2.5

freshly pressed orange juice 0.2 l 6.5
schorle with gartengold 0.3 l 5

chai l chocolate

by roots
hot chai latte 5
iced chai latte 5.5

by garçoa
hot chocolate 6
iced chocolate 6.5


photo credits: mirjam kluka;