Questions about the miró subscription and how it all works? Find the answers here.

About the subscription  & the chosen coffees

What days do you send out the miró subscription?
We produce and dispatch subscription orders every other week. All orders are sent out using standard swiss post shipping. Depending on where you live your delivery will take anywhere from 1-3 days to arrive.

Can I choose my coffee?
We have special coffee in place for the Espresso and the Filter subscription. We will change beans every 3 to 6 months depending on new coffees or availability. 
You can see the current coffee choice on the subscription product page for Espresso or Filter.
Other subscription types are in the pipe such as “Surprise me” or “Roasters Selection” where you will get different coffees with every dispatch.

I don’t like the coffee I get.
Drop us an e-Mail at order@mirocoffee.co – we’re happy to help you with the recipe for your brewing type.

I’d like to change the amount of coffee delivered to me, is this possible?
Our packaging is specially produced for the dispatch of 330g of coffee. 

If you need more coffee, you have two options
a) Increase the frequency from once a month to twice a month
b) Have 2 subscriptions running

Less than 330g per dispatch is not possible.

Don’t forget: all changes to your subscription need to be made before we charge your card (Thursday before the next dispatch). If you miss this deadline, the changes will apply to the following delivery.

I live outside of Switzerland but would like to sign up for the miró coffee subscription. Can I do that?
We’re afraid not. For the moment, the miró coffee subscription is available for Swiss residents only. You can order beans or merchandising from our website and send them overseas though! Further info on our Shipping Section.

I don’t have a grinder, can you pre-grind my beans?
For the time being we can only ship whole beans within the miró subscription.
Coffee tastes best fresh ground. Drop us an e-Mail at order@mirocoffee.co and we’ll send you a code for a 10% discount on hand grinders! 

Can I get coffee roasted for both espresso and filter brew methods?
You certainly can. To do this, you’ll need to sign up for two separate subscriptions, and select filter roast for one and espresso for the other. 

What if I get a wrong or damaged delivery? 
We’re sorry for the inconveniences. Just take a picture and drop us a note at order@mirocoffee.co and we’ll find a solution.

Gifting & gifted

I’m giving someone a miró coffee subscription as a gift. Do you have something I can give them on the day?
We sure do! Just chose the Espresso or Filter Subscription as a gift and we’ll send you a voucher to hand to your friend. Why don’t you add a bag of beans to gift it together?
I have been gifted a subscription, how can I make changes?
Due to the nature of how our gift subscription works you will need to get in touch with us directly to make any changes to your subscription. Please email us at order@mirocoffee.co and let us know our needs – we will help you out!

Changes & Pausing

What changes am I able to make to my subscription once I subscribed?
If you create a login when buying the subscription, you get access to your account where you will be able to update or change:
a) Your address
b) Pausing the subscription 
c) Resuming the subscription after pausing
d) Cancel your subscription at any time

Where can I do changes concerning my subscription?
Go to mirocoffee.co and click on the account icon next to the shopping cart on the top right. Once you’re logged in choose “Manage subscriptions” – there you can cancel and pause your subscription or resume it after pausing.

Where can I change my address?
Once logged in, click on your E-Mail address next to «Welcome». 

How can I change/pause my subscription if I didn’t create a login when subscribing?
If you do not create a login upon registration, only customer service can carry out any changes in your subscription. At the moment there is no option to create a login separately from your transaction. If you want to do any changes please email us at order@mirocoffee.co we will help you out!

I’m going away, can I change my delivery date for when I get back?
You can only pause your subscription until further notice. Make sure to “resume” your subscription as soon as you are back from vacation in order to get fresh coffee delivered again with the next dispatch.

How do I change the frequency of my deliveries?
If you want to do any changes concerning the frequency of your subscription email us at order@mirocoffee.co we will make the necessary changes for you.

How do I cancel my subscription?
It would be a shame to loose you! We appreciate any feedback – drop us an e-mail at order@mirocoffee.co and let us know how we can improve our services.
Nonetheless, simply log in to your account on mirocoffee.co, click on “Manage subscriptions”, choose the subscription you want to change or cancel by clicking on its name eg. “Espresso subscription”. Then click on cancel. You will see a yellow menu bar with the confirmation of the cancellation date in your account.